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How do I read economics (NCERT) for UPSC, especially which topics are not important for the UPSC there?

Economics may be daunting to some, but the questions are based on your conceptual understanding of macroeconomics. No matter how many times you read and mug-up the data, you are bound to falter in the exam. Conceptual clarity is what matters the most in Economics. On average around 14-15% weightage is given to Economics.

If your basic fundamentals of Economics is sound, then you will even be able to get all answers right in Prelims. So my sincere advice to you is to invest more time in understanding the concepts and analyzing how one concept is linked to another.

Focus on macro, micro, national income accounting, primary-secondary-tertiary sectors, capitalist-state-mixed economic system.


Textbook for Class-IX (Economics) DOWNLOAD HERE

Textbook for Class-X (Understanding Economic Development DOWNLOAD HERE

Textbook for Class-XI (Indian Economic Development) DOWNLOAD HERE

Textbook for Class-XII (Introductory Microeconomics – Part-1) DOWNLOAD HERE

Textbook for Class-XII (Introductory Macroeconomics – Part-2) DOWNLOAD HERE

Are the NCERTs enough for Indian economy general studies UPSC?

Economy section of newspaper is filled with economic jargon such as repo, SLR, CRR, core inflation, terms of trade, monetary transmission, real GDP, nominal GDP, fiscal deficit, current account deficit ..list just goes on. To average reader it doesn’t make any sense so he doesn’t care to read that section. It takes you into a vicious cycle and makes you hate economy.

Start with NCERT class 12 Macroeconomics , This book has very very basic stuff, lots of derivations which will not be asked in exam. Read 11th standard economics book, India’s economic development. Read it like a story but try to understand important stuff like poverty, human resource development etc. It won’t take many hours than read 12th standard microeconomics. After reading NCERTS you can refer any standard book.

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