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Is NCERT geography enough to cover all of the geography aspects for the UPSC prelims (not Mains)?

NCERT are said to be foundation stones of UPSC preparation. You would definitely find questions in UPSC preliminary exam directly from NCERT book.

Regarding geography in UPSC, it is mostly a static subject. But it needs to be understood that this static information should be clubbed with dynamic portion of the study i.e. current affairs.

So, I recommend you to complete the NCERT book study in initial stage of your preparation. Then as and when you study and read current affairs, relate them to the static geography you studied. This will help you a lot in both preliminary and mains exam.

Now, wether just NCERT suffice or not? See no-one knows what questions will be set in UPSC exam. Trend is to club static with dynamic study. So, complete NCERT then club with the dynamic study of UPSC. Do read the standard prescribed book i.e. G.C.LEONG for geography to on a safe side.

When the exam can make you an IAS , why take a risk. Study some more!


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Should I have to read the Human Geography NCERT for the UPSC?

There are two NCERTs related to Human Geography – one, Fundamentals of Human Geography and two, India: People and Economy. Former covers the fundamental concepts of human geography and those concepts are supplemented with global data while latter, particularly deals with Indian aspects of Human Geography.

Ideally, one should read both NCERTs for UPSC preparation. But in case you don’t have enough time then skip reading the first NCERT related to world as there is less probability of questions from these topics and can be covered from Goh Cheng Leong. But don’t skip the NCERT specifically related to India as there is high probability of question on these topics in Prelims.

  1. The topics like population, resource distribution, agriculture, industries, transports and settlement are covered in sufficient depth. Many objective types of questions can be formed on National Highways, Cropping seasons, Demographic attributes, resource distribution and so on. So, huge importance for prelims.
  2. Similarly, the questions in the mains exam can be answered in better manner if one knows human aspects of geography. It would help you to cover maximum dimensions in the mains answers. For instance, if question asks about consequences of retreating of Himalayan glaciers, then that can be connected to failure of crops and issues with food security, sedimentation of rivers and frequent occurrence of floods, migrations of people from floodplains to hill, and so on.

For that matter, reading these NCERTs is beneficial as it provides us sound base of human/social/economical/political aspects of geography that can directly or indirectly help you to fetch good marks in the exam.

Which are the important topics that should cover in 12th NCERT geography for UPSC prelims 2018?

I will differ from others . If you have basic understanding of subject , go with PMFIAS . it is best for geography . Nicely compiled .

If possible purchase there notes with ₹ 100. It is itself complete for mains and pre. they have bifurcated the material in prelims and mains wise . prelims notes are short and crisp and contain important facts required for mugging. It is described with the help of beautiful maps and images which will surely help you in mains . You don’t have to go anywhere else after this .

NCERT is good for basic but for making notes out of it will take time . it is not prepared for UPSC , so you have to judge yourself which topic. is more important and needed more focus .

Thanks for reading!

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