Chhath 2020: 107 ghats ready in Patna for Mahaparva Chhath, know where will be the facility in Corona period

Preparations have been completed for Mahapatra Chhath ( Chhath In Corona Time ) according to the administration’s claim in the capital Patna . A total of 107 ghats have been prepared this time for Chhath. The administration had earlier made preparations to conduct Chhath ( Nirjala Vrat ) at 90 ghats, but now this number has increased to 107. On these ghats, people will have to walk on foot to perform Chhath Puja 2020 . There will be a ban on going from bicycle to three wheeler and four wheeler. Toilets and changing rooms at the ghats have also been prepared. Ghats which are expected to be less crowded include Digha, LCT, Collectorate, Kalighat and NIT Ghats.

From Kalighat to Didarganj, people will have to walk less, but anyone who goes to Chhath from Digha to Collectorate Ghat will have to walk far enough. Earlier 22 Ghats were declared dangerous but now its number has increased to 24. Bansi Ghat and Anta Ghat have also been included in the category of Dangerous Ghats.

These facilities will be available at the ghat,
drinking water system, toilets, changing rooms, watch towers, control rooms, medical camps, ambulances.

letter has also been sent on behalf of DM Kumar Ravi to the Civil Surgeon of Patna on preparation for Corona . It said that in view of the infection of corona, thermal screening, sanitizer, mask and PPE kit should be available at Chhath Ghats so that it can be used when needed.

These ghats are dangerous, do not go here at all
Buddha Ghat, Adalat Ghat, Mishri Ghat, TN Banerjee Ghat, Judges Ghat, Vanshi Ghat, Ship Ghat, Anta Ghat, Sipahi Ghat, BN College Ghat, Balu Ghat, Khajekalan Ghat, Pathar Ghat, Ginger Ghat, Rikabganj Ghat, Pir Madadia Ghat , Nandgola Ghat, Nooruddin Ghat, Bundel Toli Ghat, Damrahi Ghat, Keshavarai Ghat, Bamboo Ghat, Bansi Ghat etc.

To reach the two ghats, two to three KMs have to be
walked on foot . In view of Corona, this time the administration has arranged Chhath at limited ghats. Due to the absence of vehicles and parking facilities to the ghats, people will have to walk this time to bring Ganga water. Those who live far away from the Ganga Ghat will have to struggle a lot to reach the ghat this time, as the district administration has banned the operation of vehicles from Danapur to Didarganj on Chhath.

DM Kumar Ravi said that Digha and Collectorate Ghat are more crowded. Therefore, this time vehicles will not go to both these ghats. In such a situation, people have to park vehicles before Rajapur Digha Road. From there, you have to reach the ghat by walking three kilometers. The DM has appealed to the people not to do Chhath at the ghats of the Ganges in view of the corona infection. It is better that they worship at home. DM Kumar Ravi said that all the preparations have been completed at the ghats which have been marked for Chhath. The ghats, which are slightly deficient, will be completed by 12 noon on Wednesday, so that people do not face any kind of trouble.

There will be no parking in Gandhi Maidan
This time the district administration has decided not to make parking in Gandhi Maidan. Except for the officials, employees and media personnel engaged in Chhath Puja, no vehicles will go to Gandhi Maidan. DM informed that vehicles coming from far away will be stopped already.

Gandhi Setu and JP Setu

DM said that it has been decided to keep Gandhi Setu and JP Setu operational during Chhath Puja so that the vehicles can go out of Patna. He informed that vehicles will continue to operate in other parts of the city. But vehicles will not ply on the road connected to and from Danapur to Didarganj.

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