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Which history NCERT book is best for UPSC preparation?

NCERT being the most basic books which are written in a very simple language makes the base of entire UPSC preparation. These books are easy to learn and thus help us to save a lots of time understanding the concepts.

When it comes to history which is one of the most important subject for UPSC preparation, the NCERT history of class 6th to 12th are the most comprehensive books which must be read by every aspirant. These include:-

  1. Our past 1- class 6th
  2. Our past 2- class 7th
  3. Our past 3- class 8th
  4. India and the Contemporary World 1- class 9th
  5. India and the Contemporary World 2- class 10th
  6. Themes of World History- class 11th
  7. Themes of Indian History 1, Themes of Indian History 2 and Themes of Indian History 3- class 12th

Should we prefer the new NCERT of history for UPSC?

Yes. Ofcourse.

NCERT is the base of UPSC. I am student from science background, hence I was unable to understand simple languages of Laxmikant’s Polity, Ramesh Singh’s Economy and so on. Then I read about the the necessity of NCERT books in preparation of CSE and I bought all of them from class 6 to 12 (History, Geo, Polity, Economy, Art & Culture everything) and start reading them. After one month I got a clear idea of everything. Indian Polity which was seemed next to impossible for me is now my favourite subject just because of NCERT Laxmikant is easiest book for me now.

go for NCERT without hesitation.

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Which NCERT should I read for history, old or new? I am very confused between old and new.

Let me save the trouble for you. Their are different books which needs to be read in older version. Am attaching booklist prescribed by top institute Vajiram and Ravi which had explained all important sources(new/old).

Do I have to read all new NCERTs along with old ones for history for UPSC?

You can read the following books, irrespective of new or old NCERT.

  1. NCERT XI (Ancient & Medieval)
  2. NCERT XII (Modern Indian History)
  3. India’s Struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra
  4. Facets of Indian Culture – Spectrum


  1. A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India – Upinder Singh
  2. Medieval India (2 volumes) – Satish Chandra
  3. Medieval India: The Study of a Civilization – Irfan Habib
  4. India’s Struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra
  5. India since Independence – Bipan Chandra
  6. From Plassey to Partition – Shekhar Bandhopadhyay
  7. Mastering Modern World History – Norman Lowe
  8. A History of the Modern World – Ranjan Chakrabarti

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