PUBG Mobile is a very famous battle royale game that is all about surviving till the end.
PUBG Mobile has several versions worldwide that are published by various companies.

With the rise in popularity of the battle royale genre on the mobile platform, games like PUBG Mobile have emerged as forerunners. It has amassed an enormous player base and is quite popular worldwide.

The renowned battle royale title has various region-specific versions to cater to users’ needs from the respective areas. This article lists all the iterations of PUBG Mobile.

Detailing all PUBG Mobile versions available worldwide:

1.Global version

The global version is the most popular variant of PUBG Mobile. It is published by the Chinese conglomerate, Tencent Games, and played by users worldwide.

#2 KRJP (Korea and Japan)

Image via Google Play Store
Image via Google Play Store

PUBG Mobile KRJP is another version of the renowned title available for users from Korea and Japan. It features a unique currency named ‘Donkatsu’ medal, and users can use it to open crates. PUBG Corporation publishes this iteration. 

#3 VN (Vietnam)

Image via Google Play Store
Image via Google Play Store

PUBG Mobile VN is published by VNG Game Publishing and has been optimized for players from Vietnam, with the UI’s language being changed to Vietnamese.

#4 TW (Taiwan)

Image via Google Play Store
Image via Google Play Store

The Taiwanese version of PUBG Mobile is quite similar to the global version. It has been optimized for gamers from Taiwan and is published by HotCool Games.

#5 Indian version (Yet to be released)

Image via newswire
Image via newswire

On 12th November, PUBG Corporation announced that it would be releasing a particular version of PUBG Mobile for Indian users. In the press release, the organization mentioned specific changes that would be present in PUBG Mobile India, like:

  • Default character clothing 
  • Green Hit effect
  • Feature to limit the playtime

#6 Game for Peace

Image via uptodown.com
Image via uptodown.com

PUBG Mobile couldn’t be released in China due to non-approval from the national authorities. Tencent, in May 2019, announced that it is no longer publishing PUBG Mobile in China and that it had decided to release the game under a new name that met all the parameters set by the authorities.

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