PUBG Mobile India will be launched in India only after the Central Government gives permission for its comeback after it was banned in September.

PUBG Mobile India is setting the gaming market in India on fire by releasing trailers of a comeback after being banned for a couple of months. On Friday, the APK version of PUBG Mobile India was available on the official website for a couple of hours for downloading but it did not work. There was also an APK version released for some Android users on Friday. There is a fever pitch building up for PUBG Mobile India game as many gamers wait with bated breath. However, the main question amidst all this that has gotten unanswered is when will PUBG Mobile India official be launched in India?

The answer might disappoint plenty of gamers. In all these developments, the official PUBG Corporation has not released a statement. According to a report by Inside Sport, PUBG Mobile game will not be launched in India until and unless the Central Government gives permission. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology that had announced a ban on PUBG and 116 other Chinese apps in September is yet to officially give any relaxation to PUBG.

In order to address the concerns, KRAFTON has tied up with Microsoft Azure to ensure that there is no theft of personal data and there is no breach of security. With the elimination of Tencent, a Chinese entity for PUBG Mobile in India, the presence of any Chinese entity is nil.

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