If Kohli makes another 133 runs ..


Fans are eagerly awaiting the India-Australia series, which starts in another week. The series kicks off with the first ODI in Sydney on November 27. Whenever IndoAsis is hit .. it stays alchemical. This time, however, some Team India players will receive some records and milestones in the series. Let’s look at that record now.

  1. Kohli Marro makes 133 runs while Vandell receives a 12000 run milestone. Virat has scored 11867 runs in 239 innings so far. Legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar reached the milestone in 300 innings, while Ponting took 314, Sangakkara 336, Jayasuriya 379 and Jayawardene 399 innings. It is safe to say that Kohli’s beat Sachin’s record in that regard.
  2. In international cricket, if Kohli makes two more centuries, he will be second only to Ponting (71). Sachin (100 centuries) was in first place.
  3. KL Rahul scored 261 runs in 6 innings, making him the fastest player to reach the 1500-run milestone, ahead of Virat Kohli in the Wanderers.
  4. Yazuvendra Chahal is just 9 wickets away from the 100-wicket milestone in Vandal. Chahal took 91 wickets in 51 innings. If he can take 9 wickets in this three ODI series, he will become the fastest Indian player to reach the milestone of 100 wickets in 55 matches.
  5. If Virat Kohli scores a single century .. Sachin will set the record for most centuries in a Wandall against Australia. Sachin has scored 9 centuries in 70 innings. Kohli has so far scored 8 centuries in 38 innings.

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