What does UPSC want for aspirants?

UPSC wants aspirants to be suitable for the job they are hiring for! That is, those candidates who can make smart, efficient and upright officers in future!

It ensures this through three stages of the examination that require certain skills, qualities and personality of a candidate.


Good knowledge base and reading skill for Prelims.
Writing skill for mains.
Communication skill for Interview.

By exposing you to a vast syllabus, long duration of examination and the level of competition, UPSC is expecting some core qualities of an aspirant and officer-

  1. Strong will power and patience
  2. Hard work and smart work
  3. Planning, execution and time management
  4. Stress management
  5. Fast decision making.


Most importantly, they want to check your personality, value system, integrity and the way you think! Because remember, they are not looking for the most intelligent students cracking the toughest exam; but officers who are motivated enough to work for the people and are competent enough to perform the task.


Garima Agrawal, AIR 40, UPSC CSE 2018 at Indian Administrative Service


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