What is the best way to revise for exams?

What is the best way to revise for exams?

I’ll jump straight into some cool revision hacks that would help you secure exceptional returns in your grades.

Best time for revision:

I generally prefer the morning (4AM to 7AM) before the test. If you don’t want to risk getting up late, then spend the evening (5PM to 9PM) revising.

Revise while you learn

Contrary to the belief that revision is done post learning, you should revise while you are learning too. Once you have learn a answer or a concept, close your book and visualise if you can remember what u have learnt.

[15 mins – learn] [2mins – revise] [loop]

Making points for final revision:

When you learn always have a key word for each line so that you would have some 10 keywords for a page you have learnt. If you can remember those 10 key words, you remember the page. And during the revision, you can make a mindmap of those key words and revise rhe content in a short time.

Strategic revising :

Always start revising the part that you have learnt well followed by the part that you have learnt moderately well.

Part A – well learnt – revise first

Part B – haven’t learnt well – revise last ( make sure you do have enough time to revise it, revising it last doesn’t mean to skip or give less focus)

The stuff that you learn before an hour before the exam gets into the temporary memory that would stay for some 3–4 hours and by then you would have finished the exam.

Cool hacks:

  1. Though revision is necessary, if things don’t go as per plan and there is shortage of time for revision, don’t panic. You would do well if you believe that things are registered in your mind. Panic and anxiety can erase stuff from our brain.
  2. 80% of the questions come from 20% of the syllabus. It’s the parreto principle and it shows that even if you haven’t covered the syllabus, you can still ace the test if you are confident.
  3. Quality over quantity. If you learn something make sure it’s gonna help you in your exam. Learning stuff in a hurry and not being able to use them is like a half baked cake.

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