Why every UPSC civil service aspirant target to become IAS only?

There are multiple reasons for the above phenomenon:

  1. The diversity of opportunity that IAS offers
  2. It being a generalist service in comparison to technical services like IRS, IFS
  3. The general perception towards IAS build over the number of years
  4. Lack of clarity among the candidates about what the services entail in day to day life and more guided by general perceptions among the public and whether a particular job profile would suit them or not

Having said that there are numerous candidates every year who give preference to other services over IAS be it IFS, IPS, IRS and the reason might be the following:

  1. Better job person fit
  2. Having a better insight in the working of that particular service (some family member or relative in that service)
  3. Better work life balance or personal considerations
  4. Educational background favouring a particular service

Based on the above parameters people decide what suits them best and take a wise call as what’s good for everyone might not be good for you as well.

What does UPSC want for aspirants?

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